Air and water are very essential to live in this world. In times water pollution was raised in the race and every home started to have a water purifier.  At that time, they were considered a luxurious element as only elites were able to afford it. Soon after that, people realized the importance of these water purifying machines and embraced them with open arms.

People living in major cities are at increased risk of suffering from hazardous consequences of air pollution.  Hence Air purifier has become a necessity in our daily life followed in the race.  In recent times, air pollution has played a havoc by degrading the air quality, especially in urban areas. A report by the Centre for Science and Environment revealed that thirty percent of all premature deaths in the country are due to air pollution, like breathing difficulties, Allergies, suffocation, cough, whether you are at hospital or at home.,  the viruses , bacteria or dust can cause long term effect on your health. These are some problems that can be controlled by an air purifier: cold,  reduce asthma, allergies, pets, cigarette smoke, breathing problems.

There are even air purifiers for travelling, if you don’t want to miss out on clean air in the car,  simply take your portable air purifier with you as the technology emerged.

Your air purifier isn't trying to fool you, but is actually clearing the air in your room so that you can breathe easier.

To maintain a clean indoor, an expensive air purifier might still not seem economical but let’s take a look at what you might be missing out on and at what cost.

1, According to a data released by the WHO, a good number of cities in India are severely affected by air pollution, Delhi topping the list and followed by other cities.

2, WHO recommended to take precautions from the infected Covid 19 patient droplets since possibility of the airborne transmission, can remain in the air for long periods of time and be transmitted to others over distances greater than 1m


So, Why do you need one?

As said, different sources of air pollution when you live in a city, you need one of these already to protect your environment.  Since it prevents from virus and bacteria  and make to breath clean air. There are suggestion to have in a home  for children having primary complex, Cough, Cold, and elders having asthma complaints and breathing issues.  

Masks: do they work?

In short, yes -masks are an alternate way of breathing cleaner air. But make sure that the mask is the quality one (not a piece of cloth or paper). The famous brand of  antipollution masks are Vogmask and Cambridge. Prices range from Rs 1,500 to 2,000 available in different sizes, designs.
You may find a bunch of cheaper options over online or at the local chemist but their effectiveness varies.

Where can i use ? and what is the Necessity purpose ?

In current situation  of Covid 19,  Hospitals,  Clinic, Operation Theater, Home, Office, Showroom, Restaurants,

Air purifier is used as natural ventilation & Exhaust if it is in a closed room where no ventilation is natural air in. It protects from Any Virus/ Bacteria/ Pathogen to filter and  minimize cross inflectional risk. Example.

1, Showrooms,Hospitals, Clinics, ENT,  where doctors tend to work closely with infected persons and prone to spread.

2, Closed work place-- which might have an  infected persons/ any person as a carrier of  virus or bacteria might be working along.

3, Home, believed to be the most safe place but how far it is protected from dust, smoke when smokers are around.

4, Places where our pillars of our family, the elders still fighting against any illness.

How to choose which Air purifier is best and how can i afford to procure one.?

According to,   A British medical charity dedicated to helping adults and children with their allergies.

It collects a various products globally and you find  which one to buy, I selected all trigger points and search i got 3 products from Atmosphere mini  and Atmosphere sky and the General Atmosphere one.

Let see others opinion from the tech reviews.

The polluted times we live in, air purifiers for homes are no longer considered a luxury. It has now become a necessity—pretty much as essential as food, water and air.

I can give further details in next blog about Atmosphere product.

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