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Introducing one long term program " KSLP " over Blockchain technology for every needs. You can easily get connected with the new business across the world instantly with fast , secure and efficient network .

What is KSLP ?

Is Loyalty program so necessary ? If so , why ? KS Loyalty Points is an application that allows you to earn free "Thank You " point every day for now .Sounds interesting ?..Loyalty program through an Application !!!! of-course ,Lets see how its going to be more interesting ...... Those points can further be exchanged , Redeemed with exciting offers and coupons .Yes !!! Its very interesting . Inorder to experience just click the below link and a take a tour .


Why Loyalty Program in business , personals and Trading ?

Loyalty program is a structured and long term marketing effort that provides incentive and repeat customer who demonstrate Loyal buying Behavior. Also motivates customer and make frequent purchase.

Its the best choice to choose Loyalty Program to  increases sales and build your strong business by establishing healthy relationship with your customers.  Also achieve your goal by encouraging repeat sales from high value customers.

Retain existing customers

As of the business ethics and promises every businessman deserves  encouraging repeat purchase Deepening customer relationship with the company. Increase in AOV (Average Order value). CLV (Customer life time value) Data collected through this program reveals the true preference of a customer , hence its is valuable in growing business by increasing customer retention. CLV is a total revenue a customer will generate over their lifetime . Different ways to increase CLV Increase customer base. And the right thing for being the successful business person is to obtain this Loyalty program .

Maximize Repeat sales

Increase number of repeat purchase per customer by increasing profit per sales. Increase customer’s retention age. Also with the customer loyalty solution, customized vouchers, early access to the sales , rewards based on business goals for the desired behavior of the customer ensuring customers keep visiting back to you.

Cost effective

Growing business by providing crucial information on how customers are spending and what products or types of offers are most appealing .There by  increasing social proof and strengthening a positive customer Experience .

In Business

Loyalty program helps in increasing profits by encouraging customers to spend more .Loyalty program helps in giving incentives to the customers and draw new customers .This program ensure in encountering no price competition and Build a brand Advocate by accessing customer's valuable data.

Blockchain Technology

What does blockchian has to do with a loyalty program ? If this is what you are wondering ,then all you have to know is its an ultimate design of KSLP provides Unified wallet for all the users . And yes , KS loyalty points providing you with Blockchain technology . As Bolckchain technology being proven business model for SME's , channel and affiliate partners.

But why Blockchain? Really ?

Blockchain technology addresses the scenario in which a collection of entities (for example, individuals or companies) want to participate in a communal system but do not trust each other or any third party to operate the system single-handedly. By deciding on the system details and then deploying networked devices (referred to as miners) to run the system, each entity can be assured of correct operation. If a small number of the miners become compromised (within bounds that are highly nuanced), the uncompromised miners can reject the malicious actions taken by the compromised miners and preserve the correct operation of the system. In this regard, blockchain technology provides diffused trust, in which the collective of miners is trusted. This is often given the misnomer trustlessness—trust still exists but has been diffused.

Why Blockchain technology in Loyalty program.

A blockchain technology can be an affordable way to store and share reward     point activity and balance .Using blockchain to foster consumers loyalty network sensitivety side. Also offers a market place for Loyalty points allowing customers to trade or purchase points if the brand participates . Blockchain technology makes the process near real time by creating unique business opportunities .

Blockchain technology in Crypto wallet

Using Blockchain technology store and manage multiple currency transaction in a smart online crypto wallet.The Ultimate design of KSLP unified wallet provides secure platform and the safest wallet for investing and storing cryptocurrencies. Blockchain  technology  in  crypto  wallet  allows  you  to  send  and  receive cryptocurrencies with the lowest fee. Use of this technology helps in easy exchange of crypto-crypto instantly.

Though I don't have a wealth of experience , I assure you KS Loyalty points do have a barrier spell .Once registered member will never step back from the program  due to an amazing experience and satisfaction provided . Lets come clear!!! for more about the registration process click on the below link right now .


Its better to rephrase why KS Loyalty points

Just one click to earn . Earn what ? ? something absolutely free ? Of-course absolute free " Thank You " Points every day . Is it just for free points ? if this is what you are wondering , Then its NO . It's a wonderful place for exciting features. On the mention of Features , the crypto wallet in the program is where all the thank you points are being stored which can further be transferred ,redeemed with exciting, trade or exchange  and also receive coupons .

Also indulge in :

  1. Gifting , motivating the young ones. With some tasks.                                              
  2. Fund collections like receive from others with planned buget.                                
  3. Join hands to donate  for any fund raising or donate to relief funds.
  4. Engage in easy donation.
  5. Have your safe crypto wallet :
    Collect many crypto points and connect through blockchain established network to create wallet , reward and redemption functions.
  6. Get reward for social distancing:
    Participate in KS loyalty program through app and war great rewards for social distancing.